2. "I wish my feelings had a delete button…"
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    Did you know God had a plan for you before the foundations of the earth? He created you to be holy and blameless in His sight. Why? He chose you to be His ambassador, His representative on the earth. God created you to reflect His glory. He created you to reflect His character, His righteousness, His holiness. Think about that for a moment. Part of your purpose on this earth is to be a representative for the King of kings and the Lord of lords. That should make you want to walk a little differently. It should make you want to talk differently. It should make you think a little more carefully about the places you go and the things you do.
    Are you representing God’s holiness today? Remember, God will equip you to do whatever He’s called you to do. If there are things in your life that you need to change, God wants to empower you to overcome those things. Receive His strength and might today so that you can walk in holiness as His ambassador and live the destiny He has prepared for you.

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    Tacere by Dino Valls, 1992. Egg tempera and oil on wood, 43 x 35 cm.

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    Do your own thing

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    This NEVER gets old lol

    Gets me every time!

    Cliff was always so clever

    One of my favorite episodes ..

    The greatest.

    Awh ahaaa

    ima treat wifey like this one day

    *Smiles Hard*

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